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Today I came upon the Yummly app via a post in the Food Bloggers Central group on Facebook.

It is a digital recipe sharing and storage app that can be used with Apple and Android smartphones and devices as well as a website if you are using a pc or Mac.

After an hour, I am still on the learning curve myself but after a few hiccups I have managed to set up an account as well as yum a few of my own recipes to test how it works. To create a Yummly account please go here.

The initial set-up was fitful but since I finally got it working and figured out how to install the bookmarklets on IE and Safari browsers, I have found it very easy to use and a very useful recipe sharing tool for both myself and fellow bloggers.

On the two occasions where I have contacted Yummly for support, I have received responses within 24 hours and had my issues resolved.

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