In Review: Ultra Brasserie Dubai Marina

Ultra Brasserie

Ultra Brasserie is a casual quick service cafe that serves seasonal, organic and healthy fare to local residents and businesses in the area. Located in the Marina Plaza office building next to Dubai Marina Mall on Dubai Marina drive, it is very central and walkable.

There is both inside and outside seating with views of the Marina and Pier 7 gourmet tower. The space is bright and airy and the atmosphere is relaxed. The servers are attentive without being in your face, and often greet regular customers by name.

My first visit happened while working late one night, a few weeks after they opened. I stopped by on the way to the prayer room about 15 minutes before their scheduled closing time. I asked whether they had anything available for dinner, not having very high hopes for more than a sad sandwich. The manager called the chef who said they could slap together a couple of Chicken Schnitzels.

By the time I returned from prayer the meals were ready and I was extremely grateful to be able to feed my associate at such short notice. I had no idea what to expect, but it certainly was not the most delicious Chicken Scnitzel I have eaten to date. It was moist and perfectly cooked and served with a light, but delicious, mushroom sauce. My associate echoed my sentiments. The Chicken Schnitzel is no longer on the menu but they do make a delicious Chicken Parma that I order with mushroom sauce and sweet potato fries.

Subsequent visits proved to be a bit hit and miss and I stayed away for a long time as a result. One of my friends kept going on and on about how the food is so healthy, that eventually I relented one day when we noticed they had started a new lunch promotion. I have been back a few times since then and have enjoyed every meal.

The a la carte menu items are always freshly cooked, and I have even started buying the occasional sandwich or salad from their deli counter. Those too are prepared in small batches on site with gluten free and plant based options available on the standard menu. If you dislike dry chicken breast then you will be delighted at the moist chicken and salad lunches offered here.

The Daily specials are up on the board outside the café but are sold out by 1pm on most days, so come early.

One of my must have items is the Ultra remedy tea, a blend of fresh root ginger tea, honey and lemon that is mandatory when I feel the sniffles coming on. I noticed that every server had their own way of making it, but because I order it so often the manager came to ask which way I prefer it. Now they consistently blend the ginger tea and strain it through a sieve before adding honey and lemon. This is by far the best way to get the most benefit from the ginger.

Ultra Brasserie is the ideal place if you like fresh food that is tasty and wholesome. They have gluten free meal options as well as sweet options for those with gluten intolerance or sensitivity.

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