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Choc chunk pecan cookies

This page showcases the tried and tested recipes by members of the blog and social media pages, who are pleased that their results were not a waste of good material ­čÖé


The traditional South African milk tart was baked by Ann Mothello, who tried it a few days after joining our Facebook page┬áand says she followed the recipe exactly and she thought it ‘tastes fantastic’. This member profile appears to have been de-activated and the┬álink┬áhas since been removed.

You can find my original Traditional South African Milk tart recipe here.


The chocolate chunk pecan cookies were baked by Simone from Cape Town, after a week long cookie craving, and she says ‘I think I nailed it’.

You can find my original Chocolate chunk pecan cookies recipe here. Simone substituted white for dark chocolate and used only light brown sugar.

White choc chunk pecan cookie dough

Cookie dough

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