Fail-proof Ramadhan recipes for Iftar and Suhoor

Ramadhan recipes

Join me this Ramadhan to enjoy the Ramadhan recipes, customs and traditions of the Cape Muslims; descendants of political prisoners, slaves and migrants from the Dutch and British colonies of South East Asia.

Our cuisine, customs and genetics had their roots in both that of the colonized and the colonizer, as well as the plethora of migrants that landed on our shores since the middle of the 17th century.

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Every group brought with them the food and culture of their homeland and over time they adapted it to suit the available produce, the climate and the economic realities of life as an enslaved people. Modern day Cape Malay cooking bears very little resemblance to it’s historical forerunner and it appears that the only thing that we have retained are names of fruits, vegetables or the occasional dish that sounds vaguely familiar.

If you are observing the fast for Ramadhan, what are the traditions or customs of your family or community at large?

My favorite Ramadhan tradition is our custom of exchanging plates of sweet and savory snacks with our neighbors for breaking the fast. It is one I have missed most during my time in Dubai because it exemplifies the spirit of sharing and caring during Ramadhan. I realised recently that many of my favorite iftar treats were the ones that we received from our neighbors and my Aunty Gadija who lives at the end of our road. Even now, the items I crave for at iftar are the snacks that Aunty Dija used to make: fluffy daltjies, basboosa and gulab jamboo.

Our family favorite Ramadhan recipes use basic pantry ingredients and under current lockdown conditions when many ingredients are either out of stock or not available, we will be keeping it simple. Do you have any favorite Ramadhan recipes that you would like to share with us?

Most of us will spend this Ramadhan under lockdown in our respective homes and be unable to attend congregational prayers or socialise with family and friends around iftar feasts. May Allah make it easy for you and your families and protect you during this strange period of isolation and quarantine.

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Ramadhan Recipes for Suhoor

Low Carb Healthy Berry Smoothie
This Low Carb Healthy Berry Smoothie with blueberries and raspberries contains fibre, healthy fats, protein and essential vitamins and nutrients to keep you satiated until lunch time.
Check out this recipe
Low Carb Healthy Berry Smoothie
Creamy Breakfast Mieliepap recipe (Maize meal porridge)
This Creamy Breakfast Mieliepap recipe is flavored with cinnamon and cardamom and sweetened with berry compote and served with fresh berries and granola.
Check out this recipe
Breakfast mieliepap with granola, blackberry compote and fresh strawberries
Shakshuka - Poached eggs in spicy tomato sauce
This healthy and nutritious one pan Shakshuka recipe is a popular breakfast, brunch or dinner meal of eggs poached in spicy tomato sauce.
Check out this recipe
Ottolenghi's Shakshuka
Greek yogurt and Granola breakfast bowl
This delicious and creamy Greek Yogurt and Granola Breakfast bowl consists of Greek yogurt topped with easy homemade granola, berries and edible flowers.
Check out this recipe
Greek yogurt and granola with berries
Dairy free Overnight Muesli and Oats
This dairy free overnight muesli and oats breakfast combines the creaminess of almond and coconut milk with sweet raisins, raspberries and pomegranate and the crunch of hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds.
Check out this recipe
Overnight dairy free muesli and oats
Toasted Luxury Berry Nut Muesli
This gluten free Toasted Luxury Berry Nut Muesli is brimming with toasted hazelnuts, sliced almonds, pumpkin seeds and delicious dried berries and has no added sugars or oils.
Check out this recipe
Big bowl of Toasted Luxury Berry Nut Muesli
Easy Homemade Granola recipe
My easy homemade granola recipe is full of dried berries and nuts for a luxurious breakfast that will keep you satisfied for hours.
Check out this recipe
Easy Homemade Granola
Gluten free Keto Almond Coconut bread
Keto friendly, gluten free and grain free almond and coconut bread to satisfy the bread lover in you.
Check out this recipe
Suhoor Ramadhan traditions - Almond and Coconut bread


Ramadhan Recipes for Iftar

Luscious Creamy Chicken Corn soup recipe
This Creamy Chicken Corn soup recipe is thick, delicious and a comforting bowl of goodness whatever season it may be. 
Check out this recipe
Chicken Corn soup recipe
Mouthwatering Velvety Prawn Coconut Curry Soup
This velvety Prawn Coconut Curry soup has oodles of flavor in it's curry based broth and is fragrant with ginger and garlic and with a bit of heat from chilli.
Check out this recipe
Incredibly Easy Vegan Red Lentil soup
Simple and nutritious vegan red lentil soup that makes delicious light meal
Check out this recipe
Vegan Red Lentil Soup for dinner
Gluten Free Cream Mushroom soup
Earthy and rich mushroom soup generously seasoned and topped with a tangy mix of lemon zest, fried mushrooms and parsley
Check out this recipe
Gluten Free Cream Mushroom soup for dinner
Cape Malay Boeber is a creamy, sweet and delicious milky beverage flavored with browned butter, cardamom and cinnamon and thickened with vermicelli and sago.
Check out this recipe
Cape Malay Rose Falooda milkshake
Cape Malay Rose Falooda milkshake is subtly flavored with rose syrup and includes luscious full fat milk and full cream ice cream with the health benefits of agar agar and basil seeds for an uplifting and refreshing drink.
Check out this recipe
Rose Falooda milkshake
Cape Malay Mince Samoosa recipe (beef or lamb)
This Cape Malay Mince Samoosa recipe for crispy pastry pockets filled with fragrant minced beef or lamb meat, onion, coriander and heady spices, is perfection in every bite.
Check out this recipe
Cape Malay Mince Samoosa
Cape Malay Chicken Samoosa recipe (Method 1)
Crispy triangles filled with aromatic spicy minced chicken.
Check out this recipe
Cape Malay Daltjies (Chilli bites)
Daltjies are a delicious and easy to make Cape Malay appetiser, crispy on the outside and soft and pillowy on the inside.
Check out this recipe
Daltjies Spinach and corn fritters
South African Pancake recipe (pannekoek resep) with coconut or macerated berries
This South African Pancake recipe is for tender crepes that are wrapped around cardamom and cinnamon scented sweetened coconut or macerated fresh berries.
Check out this recipe
Pannekoek berries and coconut
Cape Malay Cardamom bollas recipe
Light and airy yeast free doughnuts flavored with cardamom and dipped in a fragrant saffron and orange blossom syrup.
Check out this recipe
Cardamom bollas with saffron syrup
Cape Malay Potato Koesister recipe (spiced doughnuts)
Cape Malay Potato Koesisters are fragrant and aromatic doughnuts spiced with powdered cinnamon, cardamom, mixed spice and ginger and uplifted with the heady scent of aniseed and freshly grated naartjie peel (mandarin orange or tangerine peel).
Check out this recipe
Cape Malay Potato Koesisters with coffee for breakfast
South African Flapjacks
South African Flapjacks are very versatile pancakes and can be eaten sweet (with whipped cream, preserves or fruit curd) or savory (with butter and cheese).
Check out this recipe
Sweet corn and polenta fritters
Pillowing fritters, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with little bursts of sweet corn.
Check out this recipe
Sweet corn and polenta fritters

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