Making a blog is hard to do :(

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I started on this road on 20th October 2014, and had no idea that making a blog is hard to do. After numerous unsuccessful attempts trying to create a blog via an online news portal, I was ready to give up.

Two days later I saw one of those Facebook sponsored ads for something called After a few hit and misses I managed to buy the domains for my chosen website, as well as start to build the website via the Godaddy website builder tool.

I had no clue how hard that would be. There were times when I was able to login to my account but would be unable to edit the website. Although it was built on a template from an existing theme, I found it to be a very un-userfriendly interface… Or perhaps I was just too eager and impatient to sit around and wait for edits to save.

And as most people eventually do, I turned to Youtube to ‘Learn how to start a blog’. The video was very helpful and easy to follow, but still I resisted changing the webhost.

Six months later I finally threw in the towel and changed the webhost and platform for the website. Alhamdulillah, within a few days I managed to use the information from the original website to create a brand new one with a simpler theme and layout. Setting up the site on HostGator was so simple using They even assisted me, when in my ignorance, I changed a setting that appeared to break the website, making it wholly unresponsive.

Update: Over the months since the blog was first published I have steadily improved the actual design of the website. After my initial hiccup when the HostGator reset the website theme, I settled on one of the simple themes included in the WordPress setup. My current theme is by no means perfect, but it serves the purpose for now.

Making a blog is hard to do, contrary to popular belief. Maybe the technical stuff is easier for some than for others, but in all cases there is so much to be aware of with respect to design, layout and content that it takes up a fair amount of time. We definitely do not sit around having tea and cookies all day. I wish!

I have found so much information on everything related blogging on Facebook groups and other blogs. It has been an invaluable resource and has helped me make the website more user friendly for followers as well as showing me how to improve various aspects of the design and content.

This is only the first post and I know that I have so much to learn but I hope that I will still be here a few years from today.

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