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Table Mountain from the Waterfront

Have you ever checked into a hotel and thought ‘what was I thinking’? Or sat down to dinner in a restaurant and wondered whether you could jump off a high bridge before the main course arrived?

A dining adventure at the mercy of mostly faceless, anonymous chefs is a subjective experience influenced by personal preferences, tastes and mood. I love to eat (more than I love to cook or sleep) and have thought long and hard about the elements that make up an exceptional dining experience.

These same elements hold true whether you’re having a home cooked meal or one cooked by a professional chef (or two or three):
1. Menu – variety and value for money
2. Presentation, flavour and quality of the food
3. Service
4. Ambience in the venue
5. Entertaining dining partner, optional 

Too often exceptional food is let down by apathetic and lackluster service. It’s a shame that more establishments do not invest in adequate training for their front of house and service staff. The least you want on a night out is a friendly smile and attentive service.

My older hotel, restaurant and place reviews may be found on my Tripadvisor reviews page, and newer reviews can be found here. Please note that all opinions expressed in the reviews are my own.

I hope that you will find my hotel, restaurant and place reviews helpful in making your leisure time choices.

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