Holiday Buffet Menu ideas for the Festive Season

Caramelised onion, fig and brie tart

These festive season holiday buffet menu ideas roundup features a few of the appetiser recipes, main course, easy cake recipes and delicious cookie recipes beloved by my family and friends over the festive season holidays.

These buffet menu recipes are suitable for Christmas, New Year, Eid, Easter or year end parties and many can be made ahead and completed on the day.

Holiday Buffet Menu ideas for the Festive Season

This video below is from the year end party I held for my staff two years ago, and included many of the items mentioned below.


Best holiday appetizers

Italian cured Meat and Cheese Platter (Antipasto board)
An Italian cured Meat and Cheese platter or Antipasto board is a quick first course or meal and includes cured meats, cheese, nuts, vegetables and bread.
Check out this recipe
Meat and Cheese platter
Caramelised onion, fig and brie tart appetizer
A sweet and savory tart with the subtle warmth of caramelised onions, the fragrance of figs, orange and sage and the crunch of walnuts.
Check out this recipe
Caramelised onion, fig and brie tart

Main course buffet menu ideas

Cape Malay Pepper Steak Pie
This home made Cape Malay Pepper Steak Pie is flavorful tender steak cubes in a rich onion and mushroom gravy between layers of buttery flaky pastry.
Check out this recipe
Slice of Cape Malay Pepper Steak Pie with pie tray in back

Celebration cakes

Decadent Chocolate Cake with ganache frosting
This delicious decadent chocolate cake with ganache has a light, yet moist sponge and beautifully smooth and shiny chocolate ganache topping.
Check out this recipe
Chocolate cake with ganache
Spiced Boiled fruit cake
This old fashioned alcohol free spiced boiled fruit cake is a moist, dark rich fruit cake recipe that is delicious for afternoon tea or served with custard for dessert.
Check out this recipe
Spiced boiled fruit cake
Carrot and beetroot cake
Lightly spiced, moist and flavorful tender cake packed with carrots, beetroot and pecans and topped with a decadent cream cheese frosting.
Check out this recipe
Carrot cake and beetroot cake

Best holiday cookies

Crispy Oat and Coconut Crunchie recipe
These Crispy Oat and Coconut Crunchies with golden syrup are the most delicious golden treat.
Check out this recipe
Crunchies - oat and coconut cookies
Cranberry, Macadamia and White chocolate cookies
These festive Cranberry, Macadamia and White chocolate cookies are packed with nuts, fruits and chocolate.
Check out this recipe
Cranberry, Macadamia and White chocolate cookies
Pecan Snowball cookies
Melt in the mouth crumbly shortbread pecan snowball cookies rolled in confectioner's sugar.
Check out this recipe
Swiss butter cookies with pecans

Easy cold holiday desserts

Peppermint Crisp Caramel Mousse
Peppermint Crisp Caramel Mousse is a decadent dessert with layers of chocolate coconut flavored cookies, caramel cream, banana and mint chocolate.
Check out this recipe
Caramel Peppermint Dessert
Whipped Yogurt Mousse with jelly and evaporated milk
This refreshing and light but luxurious whipped yogurt mousse is studded with fresh fruits and elevated by the addition of whipped evaporated milk and fresh cream.
Check out this recipe
Pineapple mousse

Easy warm holiday desserts

Cape Malay Potato pudding recipe
Potatoes get a new lease on life in this Cape Malay Potato Pudding recipe with hints of almond extract, cardamom and cinnamon and is delicious with stewed dried peaches or without.
Check out this recipe
Cape Malay Potato Pudding with stewed dried fruit
Brioche bread and butter pudding
Traditional bread and butter pudding using brioche, and flavored with cinnamon and cardamom for flavor.
Check out this recipe
Brioche bread pudding

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    Everything here looks so good. I always need lots of inspiration to prepare my holiday menus. Looks like I’ve found the right place.

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    Caramelized onion sounds really great, thanks! Your blog is so nice, I find so many food ideas here.

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    Melanie Walsh
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    The holidays are all about what I’m eating! These recipes all look like they’ll be delightful additions to our celebrations. Dessert is my favorite, so I’m so glad there are lots of options.

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    These recipes look amazing and just what I need. Thank you x


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    Feasting for the holidays. I love a good buffet and looks like a lot of options.

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    Thanks for sharing so many options. This festive season I am going to try few new dishes and trust me I never tried Caramelised onion, fig and brie tart appetizer I am going to try this for sure. Recipe looks easy and doable

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