Food Blogger Connect – London

Food Bloggers connect - London


In November or December 2014, when I was still struggling to set up the website for the blog, I came across an article about Food Blogger Connect – London to be held in September 2015. Food blogger Connect is described as the world’s leading international food and travel blogger’s conference.

I was immediately interested, firstly because I have not been in the UK since 2000, and secondly because at that time I had not yet met any other bloggers in person, and didn’t even know any bloggers from Dubai. Alhamdulillah that has since changed.

I registered my interest and bought my ticket to the conference months before my blog even went live! That’s how keen and eager I was to learn about how to make a blog and be a successful blogger. I literally had to google and youtube how to set up self hosting and countless other tasks that experienced bloggers can do in their sleep.

I have signed up for workshops on everything from Food Photography and Styling to a Travel and Lifestyle photo trail. There are workshops offered on Food and Recipe writing; Blogging 101; How to self-publish your next book; Pinterest 101; Developing Workflow habits and a myriad of others with experienced bloggers, chefs, authors and photographers.

Now that the time has come I am so excited that I am having nightmares! Yes nightmares, of having left half my tech gear at home or no shoes packed!

In shaa ALLAH my journey starts tomorrow, and I will keep you posted on my antics over the course of the week 🙂


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    Jehan yusoof
    September 21, 2015 at 7:05 pm

    I am so hoping you’ll take a few notes for me too. Have fun, wish I could be there.☺

    • Reply
      September 28, 2015 at 12:35 am

      In shaa ALLAH you can make it next year 🙂 It was really a wonderful learning experience, alhamdulillah. Between the time I registered to attend this conference 6 months ago and now, I have learnt much about the technicalities of blogging; the long hours required to set up and maintain the blog etc. Yet meeting other bloggers in person and hearing their experiences and learning from them was great. Seeing a professional food photographer and stylist in action and the process they follow was also an eye opener. As were the workshops on branding and ethical blogging.

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