I would love to hear from you so if you would like to share your thoughts about food, travel or life please feel free to email me at Alternately, you may complete the Contact form below.


I do not mind if you contact me but prefer that you do not send me press releases that I am unlikely to find interesting, and don’t be disappointed if I do not write about it or post it on the blog.

My readers want to learn about my personal experiences so instead of sending me a press release with high resolution professional photos for a new hotel, send me an invitation to try it for myself. Or instead of sending me a press release about your client’s new product line (be it a new airline cabin or a range of organic produce) invite me to experience, explore and review it at my leisure.

If you would like me to write about your product or service it has to be something I am interested in like organic produce, restaurants, hotels, travel, culinary walks or places of interest.

PS: Any generic emails addressing me as ‘Dear Blogger’ or ‘Dear Editor’ will most likely end up in the spam folder, so please take the time to learn my name. 


Razena Schroeder


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