Razena and Simone having lunch
Razena Schroeder
Founder & Editor

Razena is a South African born food and travel writer with an eye for detail and high standards of excellence in food presentation and quality. Her recipe development is largely inspired by her Cape Malay heritage and life as a mostly solo female expat traveler.

Simone Fortuin
Travel Specialist

Simone is a South African travel specialist and accredited tour guide with an interest in community based cultural and sustainable travel. She is also the volunteer recipe tester for Tantalise My Taste Buds and ensures that published recipes are clearly written and suitable for the inexperienced cook.


Real Food

Flavorsome and easy delights cooked from scratch in a home kitchen

  • We believe that you don’t want to spend a few hours every day of the week on a complicated home cooked meal for yourself or your family and friends, because frankly, life is too short!
  • We know that you are concerned for the health of your loved ones and want to serve them wholesome, delicious food with easily available fresh (or frozen) ingredients, and without the additives and preservatives that are prevalent in most ready meals or junk food options.
  • We believe that we can take charge of our own wellbeing and achieve a balance between delicious and nutritious eating, without denying ourselves the pleasure of eating what we like, in moderation.

Slow Travel

Ethical and Responsible travel that encourages local cultural connections

  • We believe that the best way to learn about a people and a culture is through their food and food customs and that you are more interested in history, culture and unique experiences than listicles; or me posing like a gazelle gazing soulfully into the distance.
  • We believe that every traveler has a responsibility to the environment and people that we encounter, to either leave them unscathed by our presence or to somehow add value.
  • We know that travelling is not cheap or accessible to everyone but ‘a change is as good as a holiday’ as my father used to say.

Mindful Living

Attentiveness and awareness about all aspects of a compassionate life, healthy mind and active body

  • We believe that our health is inextricably linked to the foods that we consume and that many of the highly processed staples are making us less healthy than we could be.
  • We believe that there is more to being happy and healthy than a number on a weighing scale and that our mental, emotional and spiritual health are intertwined.
  • We know that small changes in lifestyle and diet can bring about big changes in quality of health and life, and will share our own experiences in the hopes that it can shed some light for those living with Rheumatoid arthritis or similar inflammatory diseases.

The road to fulfillment and wellness

How do we find balance? Between our jobs, our obligations and responsibilities to family and our own happiness and contentment?

The basic building block of every successful business unit is every individual within the unit who works to make it a success. And to be successful, every individual must live up to their full potential and fulfill the requirements and expectations for their role. This is the same in a family unit, where every individual must be at their best health and fulfilling their potential for the family unit to be content and happy.

For Razena it means balancing her work life with a personal life that is as stress free as possible, and that includes hobbies and activities that bring joy. It also means ensuring that she keeps her mind and body energized with fresh whole foods that do not make her feel ill or sluggish or that aggravate the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

About Razena

Her years as an expatriate worker in the Middle East have given her a better understanding of other cultures as well as an appreciation for her own Cape Malay heritage and it’s traditions… some of which were born out of the financial hardships of a marginalized minority who made ends meet in whatever way they knew how. A community that took care of each other, and where no one allowed their neighbour’s family to go hungry when their own children were fed.

About Simone

A yearning for adventure and a desire to help others led Simone to join forces with Razena to establish a travel and hospitality business that showcases the culture, food and communities of her city to the rest of the world. Armed with a diploma in Travel and Tourism and her professional training as an accredited tour guide, she wants to show visitors to Cape Town the city as she knows and loves it.

About Our Readers

Tantalise My Taste Buds readers want an authentic voice that brings well written recipes and travel chronicles to life through captivating story-telling and creative pictorial content. We connect with and empower our readers by sharing honest and reliable information based on tried and tested recipes and actual experiences.

Some say bon appétit, others say sahtein to wish someone a hearty meal… we say Bismillah – also as an invitation to join us to learn more about our connections to our homeland; our origins; and the culinary practices and traditions of our people.

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