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Bounty from the Farmer's market


A fear on many a blogger’s journey, in addition to wondering if they have anything useful to share, is having well lit and interesting pictures to show.

One of the first things I noticed while learning from other food, travel or lifestyle blogs was that the food pictures tend to follow specific styling guidelines, and the better ones had good lighting too. Clearly these were not mobile phone pics taken on a kitchen counter or a dining room table, as almost all the photos currently on my site are.

I find that photos taken during the week when I have cooked or baked after reaching home from work, are not as well lit as those taken during the day on a weekend, when I have the benefit of natural light flowing in through all the windows facing the kitchen. In my haste to capture these creations while they still look freshly cooked and beckoning to be eaten, all thoughts of styling, backgrounds and props fly out the window.

This led me to signing up for an online course in photography; another in Adobe Lightroom; and buying a new camera (although not a high spec DSLR one that many bloggers seem to use). It is light and will be useful for travel photos when lugging a heavy camera around will most likely be a great pain.

The first few photography lessons have been very basic but surprisingly informative, with a pop quiz assignment at the end of each lesson. I think by the end of the fourth lesson I may feel confident enough to do more than fiddle like an idiot with the camera 🙂 .

These photos were taken on a mobile phone at The Farmer’s Market on the Terrace, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai.

Lovely baked goods from Baker and Spice, the hosts of the Farmer’s Market.

Fresh produce sold directly by farmers to consumers.

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