As a child I loved the tender thin pancakes or crepes that were curled into tubes and wrapped around cardamom and cinnamon scented sweetened coconut. As a teenager I loved them with macerated fresh berries.

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Daltjies spinach and corn fritters

One of my favourite Ramadhan treats since childhood has been Daltjies spinach and corn fritters made with chickpea flour. They are a ubiquitous Cape Malay appetiser found on the tables of most homes during Ramadhan.

It is usually eaten at the time of breaking the fast with soup, boeber or falooda milkshake. Click on the links for recipes for my mushroom soup, red lentil soup,  boeber and falooda milkshake recipes.

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Boeber is a creamy, sweet, delicious and warming Cape Malay dessert type beverage flavored with browned butter, cinnamon and cardamom; thickened with vermicelli and sago and sweetened with condensed milk.

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South African Flapjacks

These easy to make delicious light and airy South African Flapjacks recipe is VERY different to the British granola type flapjacks. They can be served as a sweet treat topped with whipped cream, jam or curd or a savoury snack with butter and cheese.

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Moist blueberry muffins

I have loved moist blueberry muffins since the very first time my mother brought home a pack from the food market of a department store that she loved to shop at.

My search for the perfectly moist blueberry muffin started after tasting a tough and tasteless excuse at a bakery shop in Mall of the Emirates. At first nothing tickled my fancy, until I noticed the perfectly domed blueberry muffins peaking at me from the second shelf of the display.

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