Moist blueberry muffins

I have loved moist blueberry muffins since the very first time my mother brought home a pack from the food market of a department store that she loved to shop at.

My search for the perfectly moist blueberry muffin started after tasting a tough and tasteless excuse at a bakery shop in Mall of the Emirates. At first nothing tickled my fancy, until I noticed the perfectly domed blueberry muffins peaking at me from the second shelf of the display.

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Banana pancakes with mixed berries


For the past few weeks I have had an inexplicable craving for banana pancakes. It’s not something that I ordinarily have for breakfast but today I decided enough is enough, I am making my own banana pancakes!

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5 Ultimate Summer recipes


Here in Dubai it feels like Summer for much of the year, with temperatures sometimes reaching highs of over 50 degrees Celcius between June and September, and lows during the cooler months of around 18 degrees Celcius.

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Cherry and raspberry breakfast sundae


I have been craving the taste of luscious and thick greek yogurt with fresh fruit, muesli and honey all week. My mind went back a few years to the seasonal fruit salad with yoghurt, homemade muesli and honey that I bought on the way to work sometimes. It has always been the yardstick against which all other fruit breakfasts were measured.

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Mieliepap with fresh berries


I have childhood memories of my mother getting up an hour or so before suhoor to start preparing it. As children, our favorite suhoor meal was snackwiches… toasted sandwiches with cheese, chicken or meat leftover from the previous night’s dinner.

As I grew older, I was less inclined to eat in the morning, and found that there were certain foods, like oatmeal and cereals that were not conducive to fasting. My first Ramadhan recipe is Mieliepap, or maize porridge (corn meal or polenta can be substituted).

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