Almond and Coconut bread

I love bread, any type of bread and this Almond and Coconut bread satisfies the bread lover in me, almost as much as a slice fresh and still warm home baked white wheat flour yeasted bread, spread with farmhouse butter and fig jam.

When I discovered in November 2014 that I may have a gluten sensitivity that results in an inflammatory response and joint pain, I was one very devastated bread lover.

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Challenge yourself to cook and eat healthy for 30 days


After another day of family bonding and eating out during my last weekend in Cape Town during my recent vacation, three of us decided that we would set ourselves a healthy eating challenge for a month… small steps 🙂 I for one felt that I could do with losing a few kilos (ok more than a few) and want to regain the energy levels and vitality I had before re-introducing wheat to my diet in 2015.

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Gluten free baking


Last week I had sandwiches for lunch on two successive days and was reminded very quickly that I have a sensitivity to wheat. The bread was delicious (hence the successive days) but within minutes of my first bite I felt my nose feeling stuffy and my chest wheezy.

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