Pancakes with fresh berries

As a child I loved the tender thin pancakes or crepes that were curled into tubes and wrapped around cardamom and cinnamon scented sweetened coconut. As a teenager I loved them with macerated fresh berries.

I learned to make pancakes from my father’s eldest sister Fatima, may ALLAH have mercy on them both and grant them the highest paradise. These are still one of my favorite Ramadhan treats, although my aunt’s recipe is long lost.

During my childhood I spent many an afternoon at Tietie’s house (that’s what we called her). She would ask me about my day and we would go into the kitchen and make stuff. Sometimes breakfast or a snack with tea while she listened to my chatter, or sometimes she would let me help her make things from scratch.

My favorite was pancakes. She was incredibly patient with me and always took her time to explain what she was doing and why she was doing it.

Pancakes with sweetened coconut

I have tried many pancake recipes in the past and they all left something to be desired. Some were too thick, some too chewy and others too tough. I finally found the perfect recipe in one of my mother’s Two in One Cookery collection publications from 1994.

These are soft thin pancakes that are lovely eaten hot or at room temperature, immediately or the next day and are suitable for breakfast, iftar or dessert. The pancakes may also be filled with berry compote or macerated fresh berries or caramel and sliced bananas.

Pancakes - Crepes
Pancakes with macerated berries

They are so easy to make you will be wondering how something so simple can taste so delicious. My best tip is to let the batter rest overnight if you can, a few hours will be adequate too. It gives a wonderfully tender end result and few or no accidental breakages.

Pancakes - Crepes
Coconut pancakes
Pancakes - Crepes
Pancakes selection

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This was first published on 22/06/2015 has since and been updated.

Author: Razena Schroeder

Always remember life is short, so live it well and be kind.

24 thoughts on “Pancakes”

  1. I have never tried to make crepes, but your stunning photos and easy recipe inspired me this morning! Thanks!

  2. These pancakes look wonderful, I especially love the sound of the coconut filling and topping with berries. Delish! Thanks for the tip about letting the batter rest. Pancakes are normally a spontaneous decision on a Sunday morning for us haha, but these are definitely worth planning for and making the batter ahead of time.

    1. Thank you Laura 🙂 The coconut filling is a family favorite… heck not just my family but probably every Malay family in Cape Town. The batter is so easy to make it wont take you more than 10 minutes to get everything out, mix and put away for the night.

    1. More often than not the batter does thicken the longer it rests, but then just add a tablespoon of water to thin it down. These ones are good though without adding any extra water 🙂

  3. These look really wonderful and light Razena. I ain’t a big pancake fan but I am so sure my son is going to love these for his breakfast and in his school tiffin box.

    1. They are very light and melt in the mouth; very different to the ones I tasted in Paris many years ago… those were just too tough and chewy. Kids love these especially if its rolled up 🙂

    1. Thanks Rafeeda. The batter can be used after a minimum resting time of 30 minutes and still have perfectly good pancakes. I find though that an overnight resting makes it so much more tender and at the same time less likely to tear when flipping 🙂

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