Caramel peppermint dessert


This rich and decadent Caramel Peppermint Dessert with layers of coconut flavored cookies, caramel cream, banana and mint chocolate is a quick and easy dessert that is loved by many.

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Swiss butter cookies with pecans


One of the first cookies I learned to make were these Swiss butter cookies with pecans, rolled in confectioners sugar. They have a melt in the mouth quality and you may find yourself reaching for a few more.

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New day… new web host

Hostgator rocks!!!

I woke up knowing that I could not take another day of trying to navigate my way around Go Daddy. At the start of the new day I set about finding a new web host and found a video on Youtube that took me through the process from start to finish.

Alhamdulillah it took a few replays but by the end of the day I had it all set up.

Pantry Staples


Pantry staples are essential for home cooks like myself, who between long days at work and peak hour traffic, are not inclined to spend hours at the stove on time consuming or complicated week day meals.

To reduce the incidence of ordering take out or delivery I’m sharing my tips and tricks on essential pantry staples that will help you shorten your preparation and cooking times, but still ensure that your meals are delicious and attractive to the senses.

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