Almond and Coconut bread

I love bread, any type of bread and this Almond and Coconut bread satisfies the bread lover in me, almost as much as a slice fresh and still warm home baked white wheat flour yeasted bread, spread with farmhouse butter and fig jam.

When I discovered in November 2014 that I may have a gluten sensitivity that results in an inflammatory response and joint pain, I was one very devastated bread lover.

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Choux pastry


My first attempts at making choux pastry from recipes in magazines or books were complete failures to moderately successful, until I found the perfect recipe in my well loved Snowflake recipe file.

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Shortcrust Pastry


Sometimes it may be more convenient to purchase ready rolled sheets or blocks of pastry as it is not always practical to make the pastry myself when I want to make a pie or tart at short notice. For those occasions I always keep ready rolled butter shortcrust or puff pastry in the freezer.

However, the taste of a commercial pastry does not come close to the pastry you can make yourself. It contains butter yes, but also a lot of other additives.

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