Cape Malay Eid

I have been reminiscing about how we spent a typical Cape Malay Eid during my childhood when my parents were alive. Eid has not been the same since my parents passed, and we are slowly making new family traditions for a Cape Malay Eid without them.

It is hard to believe that Ramadhan is nearly at an end and Eid Al Fitr beckons to the faithful, to observe the charity and celebrate the end of the month of fasting with family, neighbours and friends.

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Ramadhan is a sacred month of fasting observed by Muslims the world over.

It is a period of increased religious devotion and deep spiritual reflection and contemplation; of self-restraint and self-control over physical appetites. A time during which we strive to guard ourselves against sin and sinful actions while increasing our performance of good deeds. An opportunity to reboot our lives and apply ourselves to consistency and timeliness in our prayers and reading of the Quran.

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Eid al Fitr – Cape Town


It has taken me the longest time to write this post and I am finally doing it to the sound of the rain beating down mercilessly on a frigid winter’s night in Cape Town.

When I decided a few months ago to spend the last week of Ramadhan and the week following Eid al Fitr in Cape Town with my family, it seemed like a brilliant idea.

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The way we were – Traditions

Ramadan, Eid, Easter, Christmas…

Easter and Ramadan are approaching and I am reminded that in Cape Town, feast days for the communities who practiced their religions, are also days of sharing with their relatives, friends and neighbours of other faiths.

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I heard someone say once that if the Creator has destined something for you, He would bring about the circumstances to make that happen.

When everything that happens seems to lead you in a very specific direction and you have absolutely no control over the outcome of events, what is meant to be will still come to pass, even though you may face obstructions or difficulties on your journey.

Sometimes you may recognize the signs along the way, you may even try to divert yourself from the path you are on, and still you go hurtling towards your destiny.