Daltjies spinach and corn fritters

One of my favourite Ramadhan treats since childhood has been Daltjies spinach and corn fritters made with chickpea flour. They are a ubiquitous Cape Malay appetiser found on the tables of most homes during Ramadhan.

It is usually eaten at the time of breaking the fast with soup, boeber or falooda milkshake. Click on the links for recipes for my mushroom soup, red lentil soup,  boeber and falooda milkshake recipes.

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Sweet corn and polenta fritters


One of my mother’s go to Ramadhan treats for iftar were fritters… any type of fritter since they were easy to make and delicious eaten with soup or boeber. Her favorites were were sweetcorn or banana, and I thought of her as I was making these, remembering her advice.

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Circassian Chicken Choux Puffs


My cousin’s request to assist her daughter with a savory choux puff for a practical test at school was like a blast from the past. I remembered the home made smoked snoek mousse and cream cheese and smoked salmon that were some of my catering clients’ favorites, but those seemed like such obvious choices.

Not everyone likes fish so for this exercise I adapted the Circassian chicken recipe learnt in Istanbul at my cooking class with Cookistan Turkish Cooking classes. My Circassian chicken choux puffs have a filling of roasted chicken and a smooth sauce flavored with paprika, cumin, chili, garlic and green onion and thickened with ground walnuts.

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Caramelised onion, fig and brie tart


I spied out of the corner of my eye a mound of sweet ripe figs and could not resist picking up a few for a tart I had in mind. My first attempt at using figs; a roasted fig and almond tart; had been a sweet success, and I was eager to try something a little more savory.

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Thai fish cakes


My desire to eat pickled fish and hot cross buns this past week was dealt a cruel blow by the lack of suitable fish.

After visits to three different supermarkets last week I was unable to find any fresh firm white fish that could stand up to pickling, and will have to wait until I return to Cape Town next month, in shaa ALLAH. Something fishy indeed!

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